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Office Address : Room 1403 Hang Seng North Point Bldg, 341 King's Road, North Point, Hong Kong    

Training Material Production and Equipment Supply



“You can’t sharpen your saw without the right tool” – staff development is not only about designing the training content, but also to consider the way how you deliver that.  A set of good training materials will help much here.

To nurture a continuous learning environment, Apex could assist our clients to produce any company-specific training manuals or materials.  This would particularly fit for any industries which may not be able to nominate their staff for classroom training due to class size limitation or location problem.  Our consultants will study carefully the needs of our clients and come up with most cost effective solutions.

Apex also acts as a major supplier for training or education equipment, ranging from small items such as marker pens to large presentation equipments like projectors or furniture.  We believe that our one-stop shop services would be able to relieve our clients from tedious administration work.

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古語有云:“工欲善其事,必先利其器” - 員工的發展方案,不僅於設計培訓內容,更要考慮您的培訓方法方。一套良好的培訓材料絕對能影響最終的培訓的成效。







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