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Staff Provision Services 招聘員工

With one payment, you will be able to get maintain flexible workforce and save all staff related administration cost.  Our professional staff will take care of all these for you.

只需要一個費用我們便能為你提供具彈性的員工隊伍最適合為您處理各種季節性增加之工作量 您亦不需負擔任何因為僱聘成本


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Training and Development 培訓及發展

Training and development is one of the strategies to improve staff's performance as well as staff retention.  To maintain a strong and competent team, employers' commitment to this long term inverstment is crucial.  



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Payroll Administration 薪酬管理

Due to operational differences in business, employers are responsible to fulfil all government requirement in accordance with local labour laws.  This repetitive tasks could incur significant adminstration cost to employers.  Apex would be able to help you out here.

就各行業的經營需要及各地勞動法例上的差異僱主就僱員薪金的計算都會不盡相同此重覆性之工作亦會公司帶來巨大的行政開支嗎? 我們的團隊絕對可以解決各大小客戶這方面的難題



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Translation Service 翻譯服務

More and more companies are now operating across the boarder, and there is a need to ensure all the policies and procedures are consistent and well communicated.  Apex would be able to support our clients to translate all manuals and handbooks into different Asian languages.  


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Training Material Design 培訓教材製作

We are able to support our clients in producing various training material that may meet your needs, so that the staff could refer to that from time to time.  We could also supply any training equipment that you may need for training purpose.

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