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Office Address : Unit B1, 19th Floor, Lee & Man Commercial Center, North Point, Hong Kong    


1.  Permanent Placement 永久聘用

An one-off commission will be charged upon successful referral, ranging from 100% - 150% of the job holder's total salary package (including cash allowances, commission, and/or bonus)

任何經本公司轉介而被聘用之申請人本公司會按其每月將會獲得之底薪包括花紅津貼獎金佣金等(如有) 收取 100% - 150% 的一次性佣金 



2.  Temporary Placement 臨時聘用

Generally an agency fee of 15% - 30% will be charged on top of actual salary payment, depending on the job seniority.

Actual cost may vary from clients subject to total number of headcounts required.




3.  Transfer to Permanent Staff 由臨時聘用轉職至永久聘用

Normal permanent placement fee will apply in the event of that our client’s company would offer any type of permanent employment to any of our temporary either verbally or in writing at any time when our staff is still be of service with the client.

Client would also need to pay Apex a permanent placement fee if a hiring decision is deferred and a recommended candidate from Apex is employed within 12 months of the referral date.


若客戶於有意把經由時峰轉介而到客戶任職之臨時僱員轉聘為全職僱員,我們會以永久聘用方式處理並收取於 (1) 內所提及之一次性佣金


若客戶於面試後並無即時錄用但在面試後的 12 個月內任何時間聘用時峰轉介的員工作為任何形式的永僱員的話,時峰將會視為(1) 之永久聘用並收取費用。


4.  Training and Development 培訓及發展服務

Fee will be charged on man-day basis, depending on the course that our client would like to offer.   Normally our client has to take care of venue fee, travel cost (if the course is to be held at our countries) and/or any food and beverages that are to be consumed during the course.



5.  Payroll Administration 薪金管理

Fee will be charged on a per-record basis.  Monthly pay is also possible subject to clients’ operational needs.



Interested in any of the above?  Please contact us for more details.

想了解多些我們的服務嗎? 請聯絡我們的人事顧問


Payment, Guarantee and Refund


All permanent placements are covered by a three-month guarantee period.  Should either party terminates the employment within the guarantee period, one replacement for the same position would be offered without additional charges.

In case there is no replacement available, 20% of the placement fee already settled will be refunded to the client, yet this is subject to the fact that full payment has been received for the original placement.

收費, 保証及退款


所有永久聘用之收費都會有三個月的保用期 假若我們轉介之僱員於受聘後三個月內離職 我們會為客戶即時轉介另一申請人 而不收取任何費用 (必需是同一崗位)




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